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Exports: - In Friday's Special eBulletin Update #6 there was a single sentence provided by CN Rail regarding Hanjin exports. CN has advised CIFFA that as of last Friday there were a lot of Hanjin export containers in its system. We draw this again to members' attention because storage started this morning.

"There are still a number of export loads in Hanjin containers remaining at CN inland terminals across the network, CN will not be loading these containers to rail for transit to destination ports. As of 0700 Tuesday September 6th, 2016, storage charges will begin accruing on these containers. CN kindly asks that the Exporters make arrangements to remove these loads from the origin terminal in an expeditious manner."

Remember, the CKYHE Alliance is not accepting any Hanjin export containers (See CIFFA Update #4). If Hanjin export containers are on the rail or at the loading port it is our understanding that they will have to be trucked off dock, re-booked on another carrier and trans-loaded. Or they will have to be railed back to origin for re-booking etc. Please check with Alliance carriers for specific details.

Hanjin Scarlett:

It is our understanding that the Hanjin Scarlett will be positioned to the berth at Prince Rupert and worked this evening. CN and DP World have worked to deliver a solution, have asked everyone with cargo on the vessel to contact them (See CIFFA Update #6 Friday evening), have published tariffs to move containers and have a process in place to do so. CIFFA will not make any comment on the charges or the process at this time.

Managing Customer Expectations:

As the Hanjin receivership unfolds it is increasingly clear that the situation will remain muddy and complicated for the next several weeks at the very least. CIFFA will continue to keep members informed of operational updates as we receive them.

Members should keep their customers informed of the present situation and the rapidly changing landscape. Especially as new options arise and decisions can be made on available information, members should ask customer for instructions, keeping notes of the decisions taken. As we've seen with the Hanjin Scarlett, there are unloading delays and one might expect similar delays with every Hanjin vessel loading and unloading. As we mention above, the terminals and CN are also providing opportunities to move containers off the vessels. It is very important that customers be kept apprised of these opportunities and of costs and risks involved.

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